The Secret to Creating Time Freedom
December 14, 2016
Business & Management

“Time is what we want most but what we use worst” – William Penn  Time freedom is the freedom to choose what you want to do with your time. Imagine being able to choose to spend your time with whom you want, when you want and doing what you are passionate about!

Lost time is never found again – Benjamin Franklin

When discussing values with clients most say their families are top of the list and providing them with an amazing life is a key goal. However, when reflecting on the time actually spent with the family it becomes apparent that it’s more of an aspiration than a value. Time with my family is also at the top of my values. I often share with my clients how I’m able to spend quality time with my wife and boys everyday. How last year I was able to ride a motorbike across the Himalayas with one of my best mates and take my wife for a two-week diving trip to the barrier reef. So how am I able to run two companies (one international) balancing work, earn to travel and look after my family as well as have enough time to spend on who and what really matters…? Not only I, but YOU too can achieve this and make your aspiration for time freedom an actual value that you live out. Financial security is the key that enables us to work on the projects that we are most passionate about and at a pace that we set for ourselves. It’s the ability to fund our lifestyle without having to consistently work to maintain the income. Developing diverse income streams from multiple assets, that only require a minimum amount of time to manage, is what creates financial security. These assets are typically a business, equities and bond portfolio, property or more likely an accumulation of all of these. True wealth and financial security does not come from having a job, but by creating an asset portfolio that delivers passive income. Ok, so lets knock on the head the elephant in the room – nothing is 100% passive! Everything needs to be monitored and maintained but these passive streams of income can free up your time and give you the time freedom you were looking for! Being a business owner has enabled me to build a diversified asset portfolio delivering me a mostly passive income and all forms part of my investment success blueprint. It is actually very simple – not easy… but simple! Here are the first 4 steps to help you move towards financial security and time freedom:

  1. Identify and set goals. For eg, you want to cut down your work hours, but not your income.
  2. Lock in the time frame that you want to achieve this goal. Be specific, but realistic.
  3. Create a success blueprint to achieve the goal within this time frame (this might require you to challenge some of your current assumptions on wealth creation).
  4. Strategically work to implement the success blueprint.

Think about it:  When you only need to schedule 3 days a week of work what would you fill the other 4 days with? Spend more time with the family, travel to new places, start a new hobby or learn a new instrument or language? The possibilities are endless!!! I challenge you to create time freedom to live the life you have always pictured – one with unlimited time to spend with your family, travel and contribute to the world by doing what you are most passionate about.

I challenge you to create time freedom to live the life you have always pictured – one with unlimited time to spend with your family, travel and contribute to the world by doing what you are most passionate about.

Stop dreaming about it and focus on how to create a living and start really living your life through implementing YOUR Success Blueprint! – Matthew Brown

A businessman and success architect, Matthew Brown passionately engages people to create financial security and time freedom through personal financial and business mentorship and by developing and implementing a strategic Success in Life Blueprint.

What is a Success Architect you ask? Well it’s Matt’s life’s work as a businessman, teacher, mortgage broker, financial planner and coach all culminating into one.  How he devotes his time striving to create success in his client’s lives so they become the best version of themselves and live a life of excellence. You can follow Matt here: 1421897658_circle-twitter-32  1421897624_circle-linkedin-32  1433526923_Facebook