3 useful Gmail tips
January 11, 2017
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You can find this app on Dashboard by searching for it on the button bar

With a partnership subscription you get access to G Suite and one of the most powerful applications you get with G Suite is Gmail. Here are 3 tips to help you use it more effectively:

Right side chat

The chat window on Gmail often takes up too much of the labels panel on the left. If you have a large enough screen you can in fact move the chat panel to the right. To do this you only need to click on Settings (under the cog on the top right). Then click on the tab ‘Labs’. Now you scroll down to find “Right side Chat” and enable it. Press ‘Save Changes’ and then refresh your page.

Search Filters

Google is a powerful search engine and they employ that same power in Gmail, but you can also run filters to narrow down your search. On the search bar just left of the blue button there is a small arrow. Click on that to filter your search and you can even create a rule from that filter.

Multiple accounts

If you click on your profile pic in the top right you have the option to add another account. This is helpful if you’re running multiple G Suite accounts or Gmail accounts. You can also delegate your mail to someone else should you be going away for a while and someone else needs access. Remember though to remove that delegation after you’re back!

That’s it. Gmail is a really powerful web app and has many additional features.


Stephen Diederichs

Stephen Diederichs

I have been dabbling in computers ever since I was 10 years old, starting with a monochrome IBM XT – running 128KB of RAM! Therefore, it was not surprising that I ended up as a programmer and website developer. What was surprising for me however, was the realization that I could make a business out of it.

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I have long since realized that passive income is the best business model. However, to achieve a sustainable level of income proved challenging and took many years to accomplish. Now, as I lead the software development team of TMM, I am confident that our lessons learnt will help others achieve quickly what has taken us years of trial and error.