How to be successful regardless of others around you!
January 11, 2017
Inspiration & Growing as an Entrepreneur

“If you want to be successful surround yourself with people that are more successful than you are, if you want to be happy surround yourself with people that are less successful than you are.”

– Naval Ravikant

I heard the above quote whilst listening to Tim Ferriss interview Naval. They both laughed at the off-hand comment but it really struck a chord with me.

The question that hit me was – Why are people, in Silicon Valley or deemed successful circles, not really quite happy with their own success…???

AS a culture we are obsesses with comparison and competition, but envy not only makes you miserable, it also makes it harder to get ahead in your career and reach your goals, according to Forbes’ Glenn Llopis.

I train in a gym with the 12th fittest woman in the world and a team that consistently competes at the world games. I am surrounded by people wealthier than I currently am and who have larger, more profitable businesses. I personally have very successful friends and business partners/associates that inspire me. I have never looked at their success and become unhappy or envious. We are all on our own journey.
I view success as a very personal endeavour! It’s not about being perfect today but being better tomorrow and continually striving to be the best version of yourself at this moment in your life.

As I have worked with hundreds of people’s success blueprints, I’ve witnessed first-hand all the moving parts in our lives that contribute to our success & happiness. Personally I strive to be in FLOW – I am always working in four key areas of my life. My Physical Flow, Financial Flow, Social Flow and Mental Flow.

I recommend that everyone break their life into these four areas and set goals to be achieved over three years. Once you have these three year targets break them into twelve month and ninety day milestones.
The question to ask is: What do I need to do and where do I need to be in twelve months to have the foundation laid to achieve my three year goals?

Once you have the twelve month goals, do the same for next ninety days then this week. Say, you are aiming to achieve a significantly important task, or a mini milestone, each week. Consequently you will achieve 52 mini milestone goals each year that will propel you towards your three year goals and a successful, happy life regardless of how successful other people who surround you are.

Raymond Jourdan

Raymond Jourdan

Life is an adventure. No day is the same. Each day presents new challenges and with it new opportunities.

When living in India and working amongst those suffering from extreme poverty, I learn’t that being an entrepreneur was more about survival than anything else, and it’s that innate survival instinct that sparks innovation.

For the poor it's do or die. For many of us however it’s simply the comfort of accepting whatever life hands us. However, today the ability to deliberately design your life and reality is greater than anytime in history.

To start any great thing starts with asking the right questions. We all want to achieve something, but do we know what? We all want success, but do we know what that looks like? Do you think knowing would help?

Mindsets are powerful. They colour your view of the world and frame the way you respond to opportunities and challenges. Whenever you innovate, no matter how small the innovation, you are embracing your natural instinct to make something better. Let the inner entrepreneur rise to the occasion a little more often, and you might just find yourself making better decisions, doing life better. At home, at work, everyday.

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