Redefining Success
January 11, 2017
Inspiration & Growing as an Entrepreneur

Success never just falls into my lap. I need to go out there and achieve it. It is my purpose. To conquer and dominate both the world and more importantly myself.

Success is a very personal thing. It has an individual meaning in everyone’s life and evolves with them throughout their life. If you ask most people, they focus on career and money when they think about success.

Perhaps you do too.

This article by Geoffrey James makes a great argument to challenge the above thinking: what’s the point to being rich if you are not enjoying yourself. So many people have achieved financial and career success but have estranged relationships with their children, have terrible physical health and aren’t emotionally happy.

So what’s my take on success?

I feel that money is just a tool that we use to purchase a lifestyle, experiences and stuff. I want to reframe success to encompass our entire lives. For me success is balancing different areas of life, working towards achieving meaningful worthwhile goals and providing amazing life experiences for my family.

When older people reflect back on their lives, not one has said they wished they spent more time at work. Nine times out of ten their greatest achievements are their families and the accomplishments of their children. As their health limits their ability to undertake physical adventures, they dwell on all the places they are now unable to visit, activities they will never be able to complete and the list that won’t be finished.

I believe the four pillars of success are physical, mental, financial and social well-being. When you have all of these in balance you are primed for peak performance in whatever area you are contributing your energy and time. Achieving success when you are physically fit, focused, mentally sharp, well-aware and have financial security creates an environment where innovation, creativity and compassion thrive.

When I listened to Tim Ferriss ask his interviewees who popped into their mind when they think about success I started to think on this myself. I first began thinking about business people, elite athletes and then my parents popped into my head. I would not deem them rich in terms of money but they surely lived RICH lives full of happiness, love and personal successes – whether that meant coaching the local soccer team or travelling the world with their four children.

So here are three questions I want you to ask yourself and answer:

What does success mean to me in my life?

Who comes to my mind when I think about success?

Are the four pillars of success standing strong in my life?

– Mathew Brown

A businessman, success architect and part of the TMM12, Matthew Brown passionately engages people to create financial security and time freedom through personal financial and business mentorship and by developing and implementing a strategic Success in Life Blueprint.

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