What is Website Hosting
January 17, 2017
Harnessing Technology & it’s tools

You may have come across the phrase ‘website hosting’, especially if you run small business. Website hosting is something you need if you intend on having a website for your business, which most of us can agree, is crucial for any business in this tech saturated world we live in. So what is website hosting?

When you want to setup a website there are 3 essential things you need:

  • The website content, layout and design
  • A domain name
  • Website hosting

If we look at an analogy of a website being like a brick and mortor office, you would break it up like this:

  • The website content, layout and design would be your office building, the structure and design of it and the perception it gives your clients.
  • The domain name would be your physical location… Your address
  • And the website hosting would be the rental or taxes you pay for the piece of land that your office occupies.

Website hosting is essentially where your website resides. It’s where the structure, layout and files that make up your site are digitally located. When you setup hosting your webmaster uploads and publishes the files that make up your site onto your hosting server.

So why can’t you just setup hosting on your own computer and have the files to your site be located on your own drive? Technically that is possible, but it would be like setting up a Walmart type store on a 20th story, 2 bedroom apartment. Hosting servers are specially designed and located to handle heavy website traffic and also ‘serve’ your website to as many users as can be expected at the same time. They also handle strict security protocols and keep your site nicely backed up.

At TMM eVolve we are excited to announce that will have some hosting packages available as a LRP shortly with an exciting twist.

Stephen Diederichs

Stephen Diederichs

I have been dabbling in computers ever since I was 10 years old, starting with a monochrome IBM XT – running 128KB of RAM! Therefore, it was not surprising that I ended up as a programmer and website developer. What was surprising for me however, was the realization that I could make a business out of it.

Armed with some knowledge of HTML, PHP and MySQL, I started a small web design company straight after school. Having my own business gave me the freedom to manage my own time. This allowed me to travel, which ultimately lead me to India where I met my wife and where I am now settled.

Thanks to the Internet and the ability to do business remotely, I live in a prime spot of forest in the foothills of the Himalayas – farming by day and programming by night.

I have long since realized that passive income is the best business model. However, to achieve a sustainable level of income proved challenging and took many years to accomplish. Now, as I lead the software development team of TMM, I am confident that our lessons learnt will help others achieve quickly what has taken us years of trial and error.