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What is TMM eVolve? How do I earn commissions with TMM? What is a Loyalty Reward Program? What does it cost to be part of TMM eVolve? What’s included in my TMM partnership account? What happens if I default on my TMM partnership? Do I get notified if I default?


How often are commissions calculated? When do I get paid commissions? How do I earn commissions? How do I follow up missing commission payments? How do I check to see how much commissions I can expect each payment cycle?


When can I expect my product to be delivered? Will I receive notification that my product is being dispatched? How do I follow up non-delivery or missing product? Can I exchange or return product?


TMM eVolve Partner memberships include access to leads generated by the TMM Marketing team as well as tools to promote and acquire leads. The TMM Marketing team is also committed to building campaigns to generate leads for the you, to help you grow your business faster, but we strongly encourage you to learn from the academy how to build and promote your business. Our primary goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to build a successful business. Can I make suggestions to marketing strategies? Who is in the marketing team? How are marketing strategies determined? Both locally and internationally?

Lead Generation

All paid memberships get leads generated by the TMM Marketing team and is included in your membership. How are leads allocated? How often can I expect a new lead? Where do I go to check on the leads I have been allocated? Can I purchase more leads?

Social Media

Can I use TMM eVolve’s social media? Is there any training on how to access TMM eVolve’s social media? Can I create my own social media presence? Can I create my own TMM eVolve social media sites?


What currencies can I pay my membership and purchases in? How can I pay my memberships and purchases? How do I receive my commissions?